Select Publications

Jones, C. R. & Bergen, B. (under review). People cannot distinguish GPT-4 from a human in a Turing test. [preprint]

Jones, C. R. & Bergen, B. (to appear). Does GPT-4 pass the Turing test?. NAACL 2024. [preprint]

Jones, C. R., Trott, S., & Bergen, B. (to appear). Comparing Humans and Large Language Models on an Experimental Protocol Inventory for Theory of Mind Evaluation (EPITOME). Transactions of the Association of Computational Linguistics. [preprint]

Trott, S.*, Jones, C. R.*, Chang, T., Michaelov, M., & Bergen, B. (2023). Do Large Language Models know what humans know?. Cognitive Science, 47(7). [*equal contribution] [paper]

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